Ansys Partnership

Users of the Ansys Granta MI Restricted Substances module now have access to Chemwatch’s 80+ million Safety Data Sheets (SDS). This partnership ensures greater insight into product composition, facilitating compliance with global regulations.  


Description automatically generatedA visual representation of the Chemwatch and Ansys partnership. Chemwatch’s SDS database ensures easy access to difficult information. 

Across chemicals management, the number of substance restrictions are growing exponentially. This creates an added challenge in the development, tracking and assessment of many products and knowing whether a restricted substance has been used. The consequences of not having accurate substance information can lead to severe and long-standing consequences, including:

Data requested from suppliers can be:

Many suppliers don’t have access to a global range of SDS, resulting in incorrect datasets for their products. For example, a Chinese manufacturing company will need SDS for all the companies they are exporting to, and SDS for Europe will not be the same as a US SDS.      

Chemwatch will help you access the right data

Over 30+ years Chemwatch has built up an extensive and mature data extraction process, using a large and experienced team of data processors. This process captures more than 70 data points from the SDS required for the management of chemicals. Data will be sent to clients using the Granta MI Excel template, allowing users to easily drag and drop the contents using the MI Import Tool. 

“The partnership with Ansys and the integration with Granta MI is an exciting project for our joint customers. Insight into the composition of chemicals is an important part of chemicals and materials management,” said Claude Neri, COO at Chemwatch. 

“This integration will kill two birds with one stone as far as chemical and materials compliance is concerned.”  

Benefits of Chemwatch for Granta MI include:

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