Training & Certifications

Did you know?

Chemwatch is a registered training organisation (RTO) under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), making us the ideal place to learn new chemical safety skills. We have over 20 years experience, and the resources and knowledge to teach your team everything they need to know about safely handling chemicals. As an international company—headquartered in Australia, with offices across Europe, US and Asia-Pacific regions—we are able to provide area-specific support for you and your organisation.

As an RTO we provide both accredited and non-accredited training courses. Our non-accredited courses include training in the following applications:

  • Chemeritus
  • Gold FFX
  • Backpack

What do we cover in our courses?

Our courses cover a wide range of skills, from learning how to effectively and efficiently search the database for materials, to creating and customising labels for your organisation. We also teach you how to:

  • Search the database
  • Create Safety Data Sheet (SDS) folders
  • Add material into folders
  • Copy, move and delete materials
  • Filter search results
  • Generate reports
  • Conduct Control Banding Risk Assessments
  • Create mixtures
  • Create and customise labels and many more

How do we do it?

Instructor Led Online Training

Our fully qualified instructors run customised online training, covering a range of topics and skills. Courses can run from two to seven hours, depending on the knowledge required. Our classes have a maximum of 12 attendees, so we can give our full attention to each and every one. We also run webinars, which are free and can be accessed through our website. They cover a range of topics, including safe work practices, chemical safety training, hazardous chemicals in the workplace, and hazard communication.


At Chemwatch, we pride ourselves on our in-depth and extensive eLearning courses. Our programs are constantly evolving, ensuring we are teaching and sharing the most accurate and up-to-date content. Our courses are self-paced and on completion, you will be provided with a certificate, which can help you with your ISO9001 accreditation for Professional Development at your organisation. The courses cover a wide range of suitability: from organisations who have less than 50 SDS to those who have thousands. Each application can be completed in a single sitting—the approximate time taken is shown on the first slide—and can be paused and continued at any time. We cover training across multiple applications:

  • AuthorITe
  • D-gen
  • SiSot
  • Approvals
  • Credo
  • Backpack
  • GoldFFX
  • Chemeritus

Who provides the training?

As we are a part of the RTO, our trainers have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment—as well as a Bachelor Degree in either Education or Science.

Customers are provided with the trainer that is uniquely suited to their needs, ensuring that they get the most out of their course.

Other assistance

As well as the more formal training we provide, we also offer ad-hoc and ongoing assistance to customers through their own dedicated support team, called Chemwatch Entourage. This is your own personal team of professionals—from customer service to chemists and IT specialists—who are there to help you if you run into any trouble. They can be contacted through email, phone or through our online chat service and are there to help every step of the way.

Want to know more?

Contact us for further information on or (03) 9573 3100 for queries, pricing or to make a booking.