Heat Mapping

Visualise your chemical hot spots

Heat Mapping by Chemwatch offers a geospatial view of your chemical inventory. It’s now easier for you to visualise your chemical stores, and identify problem areas at any of your sites globally to help you plan specialist management strategies and emergency response requirements.

Customised Sites

  • 2D and 3D mapping of your sites by our team of architects
  • Add real-life images of your chemical storage areas
  • Birds-eye view so you can fly over your sites, or choose to walk through your sites, buildings and chemical storage areas
  • Add emergency provisions – such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers and emergency exits – to help you comply with local fire codes

Easy Visualisation

  • Colour-coded levels of hazard – building levels through to individual shelves are highlighted in a colour that corresponds with the level of hazard posed by the chemicals present there
  • Match your chemical storage areas, buildings and sites with your manifest in your Chemwatch system
  • Your chemical inventories are calculated to provide information on chemical ‘hot spots’ as you move through your buildings and storage areas
  • Hazard levels are automatically re-calculated as you change your chemical holdings
  • Assistance in creating reports, including Hazardous Facility reports
  • View your chemical stores and sites locally or globally – a revolutionary way to keep track of your chemical holdings in real-time


  • Our suite of user permissions means you can give the exact level of access required – for example users can be given access to whole sites, their own storage areas only, or completely blocked from viewing any sites at all
  • Like the rest of our applications, data is securely stored on servers to ensure there is no unauthorised access to your Chemwatch system or site images

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