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Announcement: SAP–Chemwatch Partnership

Chemwatch’s 120+ million SDS Database To Be Used in Multinational Enterprise

Chemwatch is supplying data from their extensive database for use in SAP’s enterprise software. This joint venture allows organisations to access up-to-date, accurate, and automated information via Chemwatch API. 

Founded in 1972 in Germany, SAP is now one of the leading providers in enterprise resource planning worldwide. SAP centralises data management for its extensive client base across a multitude of industries, and now they have access to Chemwatch’s centralised repository of chemical safety and regulatory information. Updated weekly, the database includes over 120 million Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and access to over 7,000 regulatory lists to ensure SAP clients remain compliant.

Mike Censurato, SAP Global Solution Manager:
“SAP is the biggest name in Enterprise Software. SAP users need access to Vendor SDS data for many parts of their business. SAP is good at software development but did not want to create a database of vendor SDSs and keep them current on a daily basis. SAP came to Chemwatch and wanted to leverage our vast database of Vendor SDS data. SAP and Chemwatch partnered together to build this interface. Using Chemwatch’s robust API (Application Development Interface) and vast database of Vendor SDS data, SAP users no longer need to source and maintain Vendor SDS information. Chemwatch automates this function so SAP users can work on other tasks knowing that Chemwatch is keeping up with their vendor SDSs.”

Claude Neri, Chemwatch Chief Operating Officer:

”Having worked with so many clients and their need to move data in and out of SAP, I am excited to be a part of this venture to facilitate the use of our vast SDS and accompanying data. Having the direct access to Chemwatch’s services with our experience in sourcing, extracting, and updating SDS will be a tremendous tool for SAP enterprises”

The interface is powered by Chemwatch’s GoldFFX software, and allows SAP clients to standardise and manage a library of safety data sheets. It provides immediate access to critical chemical safety information, increasing data visibility and automating manual tasks.

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