Enhancing Your Organisation's Value through ESG

Enhancing Your Organisation's Value through ESG

Chemwatch’s ESG Reporting Tool offers a holistic framework informing an organisation of their ability to create and sustain long-term value in a rapidly changing world while managing the risks and opportunities associated with these changes. Our ESG questionnaire helps businesses to understand their ESG performance, providing a roadmap for achieving sustainable growth and positive change.

What is ESG?

ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, represents a comprehensive approach to evaluating a company's impact on the world beyond its financial performance. It considers the company's environmental practices, social responsibility initiatives, and governance structures.

How Our ESG Questionnaire Works

All you have to do is fill out the questions and submit your responses. The summary report is then produced with a final grade calculated from the given answers.

Our ESG review is divided into six sections:
1. Environment
2. Safety
3. Social
4. Governance
5. ESG System & Monitoring
6. Systems

The questions can primarily be answered with a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ with occasional short text responses. Final grades are based on an overall score as well as meeting a defined standard in each particular section.

The supplier ESG review grading system differentiates established ESG systems, which are graded A through C, from emerging and commencing systems. On-screen, the grading system and corresponding scoring benchmarks are displayed. It is essential to note that meeting the required percentage mark for each section is necessary to attain a higher grade, as the grade is not solely determined by the overall score. Therefore, organisations must focus on achieving the required percentage marks for each section to improve their overall ESG grade.

What’s Included?

Comprehensive Evaluation

Chemwatch’s ESG Reporting Tool covers a wide array of ESG dimensions, including environmental management, resource consumption, emissions, waste management, labour practices, community engagement, diversity and inclusion, and governance structures. By examining these key areas, you gain a complete view of your organisation's sustainability performance.

Actionable Insights

Upon completing the questionnaire, our tool generates a detailed report which provides a final grade calculated from the given responses. This summary report offers an overall score percentage along with a final grade for easy evaluation and allows an organisation to zone in on the potential risk factors that need addressing. With actionable insights to guide your ESG strategies, you will have a clear roadmap for improving your company’s environmental and social impact while aligning with best practices in the industry.

Supplier Engagement

Recognising the importance of supply chain sustainability, our ESG Reporting Tool allows you to involve your suppliers in the assessment process. By inviting your suppliers to complete the questionnaire through Chemwatch’s user interface, you can evaluate their ESG practices and foster a responsible sourcing ecosystem. An automated email is sent to the supplier, containing a link to the survey to fill out all the necessary information, making it highly user-friendly. This collaborative approach strengthens your organisation's commitment to sustainability throughout the value chain.

Benchmarking & Recognition

Our tool enables you to benchmark your ESG performance against established sustainability standards. By comparing your company’s practices, you can identify areas for improvement and set realistic targets. Furthermore, achieving strong ESG performance can enhance your organisation's reputation, attract responsible investors, and win the trust of stakeholders who value sustainability.

Starting Your ESG Journey with Chemwatch

Take your sustainability efforts to the next level. Utilise Chemwatch’s premium ESG Reporting Tool to evaluate and better your ESG performance by opting for best practices in your organisation. Identify areas for improvement and set ambitious, eco-friendly goals for your business. With our actionable insights, you'll drive continuous progress and stay ahead of the curve.

By integrating our ESG Reporting Tool into your business operations, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, responsible governance, and social progress. Not only does this contribute to a better world, but it also enhances your organisation's reputation and attractiveness to investors, customers, and stakeholders who prioritise sustainable practices.

Join the growing community of organisations committed to making a positive impact. Start using Chemwatch's ESG Reporting Tool today and unlock the power of sustainability for your company.

At Chemwatch, we are here to support you on your ESG journey. Contact our dedicated team for any assistance or further information. Together, let's create a sustainable future that benefits your company, society, and the environment.

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