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Updated in real time, Chemwatch’s database of over 300,000 classified chemicals are being used to power Avery Products Corporation’s new GHS Wizard subscription service. The new Avery GHS Wizard web-based software makes it easier for organisations to create OSHA-GHS compliant safety labels. 

Powered by Chemwatch, Avery produces labels that are:

The database is searchable by CAS number or product identifier, and autofills the professionally-designed label template with required chemical information, including:

In the editing canvas, users can:

If an SDS for a particular mixture does not exist, users can create their own via Chemwatch’s online SDS creation service, GoSDS. 


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For more information on Avery’s new GHS Wizard subscription service, click here.

“The opportunity to partner with Avery has created a convenient way for more users to have access to quality chemical labelling information, ultimately contributing greater safety and compliance in workplaces”

said Claude Neri, COO at Chemwatch.

For other Chemwatch products and services, visit us at chemwatch.net.

About Chemwatch 

Chemwatch is a world leader in the chemicals management space. With over 30 years experience, they specialise in chemical safety across a range of sectors, including education, healthcare, mining, governments and manufacturing. An international company headquartered in Australia, Chemwatch has offices throughout the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. Chemwatch offers their clients access to over 70 million Vendor SDS and support in over 90 countries, with access to 47 languages. They also provide a range of other services, including:

For more information about Chemwatch products, visit chemwatch.net.

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Avery Products Corporation is the world’s largest supplier of labels, specialty converted media and software solutions for short-run digital printing applications for businesses and consumers.  Their solutions are available online, alongside complementary products sold through distributors, mass market stores and e-commerce retailers under the Avery® brand. Avery Products, a division of CCL Industries, is based in Brea, California. Avery and all other Avery brands, product names and codes are trademarks of CCL Industries, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. For more information about Avery products, visit avery.com.

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