SENTintel - SDS Distribution

SENTintel makes SDS distribution a simple and secure process

  • SENTintel ensures your client AUTOMATICALLY receives your new and updated SDS.
  • Our state-of-the-art technologies encrypt your client’s details, identify the need to update/send SDS to particular clients, and manage their SDS distribution.
  • Your clients receive SDS, either by email and/or in online private viewing areas.
  • Proof of delivery, supported by blockchain ledgers, demonstrate you have met your legal obligations.
  • Your clients can also leverage our supply chain solutions to redistribute your SDS or communicate novel uses of your products to actors in the supply chain.
  1. The encrypted contacts from your system are used to send updated and new SDS
  2. SDS are sent via email, and will also be accessible via your Chemwatch system
  3. Your system will be notified of the email delivery

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