Chemwatch offers a range of systems and services designed to assist you with all aspects of your chemical and SDS management needs.

Alerts and Reports

Receive email notifications about the status of your SDS- these updates include a ‘redness report’ for quick identification of exact changes in the SDS so you can compare to the previous version and update your safety procedures and any physical SDS folders accordingly.

SDS Authoring

Chemwatch offers a range of SDS authoring services. You can author all your product SDS with our AuthorITe application, create one-off SDS through GoSDS, or let our professionally qualified chemists do all the hard work for you with our SDS authoring service.

Project Management

Whether you are implementing a new system, migrating an existing one or delivering a one-off project, our experienced project management team can assist you deliver results on time and within budget. We have completed global integration projects, SaaS roll-outs to 1,000+ sites world-wide, and migrated 30-40 thousand SDS at a time.

Software Development and ERP Integration

Chemwatch offers a range of off-the-shelf chemical and SDS solutions, however can often assist in creating a custom fit for your business. We also offer a range of ERP integration solutions, often utilising our API to ensure a streamlined system for your organisation. For more information, please contact us about your requirements.

Support – Chemwatch Entourage

We understand chemical and SDS management extends beyond a software platform. We employ a professional team of chemists, OHS personnel, IT staff, scientists, regulatory experts and more to assist our clients. Our unparalleled level of support starts with your own Entourage – a dedicated team to assist you with using your Chemwatch product, and to answer questions you may have about your account, system, or other aspects of your chemical and SDS management. You can contact us via online chat, email, or over the phone. We also have robust processes in place to report and repair any issues you have with the system, and we keep you notified of any updates we make to your Chemwatch services.

Emergency Response

Our Emergency Response hotline gives you and your clients 24/7 access to our team of experts.


SDS Management (Safety Data Sheet)

At Chemwatch, we are world leaders with our state-of-the-art, customer-built SDS Chemical Management System (CMS). We have over 60 million Vendor SDS in our database, which is updated daily with the latest data sheets. Having a high volume of SDS allows...


The Innovators

Innovation defines us. Chemwatch has been at the forefront of the provision of technology-driven chemical management solutions for over 30 years


Training & Certifications

Chemwatch is a registered training organisation (RTO) under the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.


Welcome to Your Entourage

Your dedicated support team, including Customer Service, Help Desk, OHS Specialist, Project manager, Chemist, Regulatory Specialist, and IT Specialist


Data Analytics

Create custom reports using our assessment tool. Over 250 data fields and their various combinations are currently evaluated


Heat Mapping

Visualise your chemical hot spots Heat Mapping by Chemwatch offers a geospatial view of your chemical inventory. It’s now easier for you to visualise your chemical stores, and identify problem areas at any of your sites globally to help you plan...



Nettie is Chemwatch's custom solution for automatically comparing old and new SDS, and highlighting the differences for you.



Chemwatch’s outboarding service offers administrators a breakdown of how users have been engaging with our system, from anywhere in the world. The data is broken down into maps, tables and interactive visual representations that makes managing your...


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