Emergency Response

Emergency Response Hotline

If there is an emergency, our team will be there to help.

Our global Emergency Response hotline gives you and your organisation 24/7 access to our team of experts. Our level 1 response (telephone assistance) is provided globally in over 140 languages.

We have your SDS, example emergency scenarios and a spreadsheet with the names of all products and their vendors (Bill of Materials), on file, ready to use as needed. We will also ask about your company’s requirements. We use this information, as well as the information in the vendor SDS, to provide the most appropriate advice in regards to your situation—whether that be on-site or off-site.

At Chemwatch, we:
• Transfer the SDS to the master database
• Contact your vendor to ensure that all SDS are available and up-to-date
• Evaluate the SDS and create supporting documentation
• Provide access to the full Service Level Agreement (SLA), on request
• Provide emergency hotline access to:
    ∙ All emergency responders at the scene of the incident
    ∙ Members of the workplace or public who might first witness the incident

Our responders are professionally trained and have backgrounds in many disciplines, including OHS, chemistry, toxicology, environmental science and medicine. The incident unit response team have extensive experience in dealing with such matters globally, and can advise on the best action to take in the event of an incident involving your chemicals. Such response is designed to minimise loss of life, injury and damage, and is also dependent on the nature of the hazard associated with the chemical. Remember, hazard ≠ risk. In addition, the information can provide protection for any witnesses of the incident, and the general community. 

We will also provide you with an incident report for the materials that are included in your ER package. 

We Issue you and your organisation with country-appropriate emergency hotline numbers. For vendors of chemicals, the ER number may be displayed on:
• Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
• Labels and placards (static and mobile)
• Tremcards
• Shipping documents
• Emergency documents

Services are available for manufacturers and vendors to add our hotline number to their chemical SDS and labels, or for in-house use by organisations who already subscribe to our Chemwatch services—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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