Elastic Search


Lightning Fast Search

Chemwatch has adopted new search technologies to improve your experience – you now have some of the fastest and most accurate chemical search tools available.

The improvements to the search functionality within your Chemwatch system mean you can find substances, even those with extremely complex names, in under a second!

In addition, this new type of search produces significantly lower server loads to ensure the smooth running of your Chemwatch system- even when searching for hundreds of products at a time.

Our team has performed numerous tests to ensure our new search functionality holds up to the hype. After crunching the numbers we found reductions of over 90% in such loads, even during peak usage periods:

Materials search time drops dramatically

Our revamped search also includes a range of filters for instances when multiple results are returned. You can quickly filter your results by Vendor, language and much more!

We hope you enjoy the new search experience! We’re keen to hear your feedback about our new search, and are happy to answer any questions you may have – please contact us at customerservice@chemwatch.net

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