Map your hazardous chemicals with Chemwatch’s Heat Mapping software

The 3D geospatial capabilities of our Heat Mapping software allow you to visualise hazards and risks in any given chemical storage area. 

Our Heat Mapping solution will revolutionise the way you manage chemicals. Use our unique software to track how and where your chemicals are stored, what type of environment they are in and to map your emergency response system including sprinklers. 

But what exactly does heat mapping involve and how does it work? Read on to find out.

What is Heat Mapping?

Heat Mapping provides a three-dimensional geospatial view of your chemical inventory, so you can clearly view, track, and manage your chemicals. 

Our Heat Mapping software generates 3D representations of your chemical hazard hotspots, facilitating effective and efficient hazard management and accident prevention. Your Heat Maps will be updated automatically as you move chemicals between locations. 

What is the Heat Mapping process?

The 3D geospatial capabilities of our Heat Mapping software allow you to visualise hazards and risks in any given chemical storage area. 

Each building on your site is linked to a folder in your Manifest. The content is assessed and provided with a Chemwatch hazard rating. The rating is determined by the chemical classification and the quantity of the chemical that is in storage, and it is represented by a colour-coded hotspot which can be identified at a glance on the 3D-rendered image of your site. Hotspots can be viewed through several different, progressively granular, approaches. 

  • Earth View: A three-dimensional model of your site is generated using several reference platforms including Google Maps and Google Earth.
  • Fly-through: Fly or pan through your site from a bird’s eye view to see all buildings with the chemical metadata overlaid. 
  • Building View: Select a whole building and see the highest chemical rating, represented as a specific colour that corresponds to rating thresholds. This view also allows you to see the highest rated chemical present within a building.
  • Floor View: Select a specific floor within a building and visualise the areas or rooms that contribute to the hazard rating. This view shows you a more granular view of the hazardous regions.
  • Room View: Get a 360-degree view of a selected room with specific hazard or chemical storage areas lit up to represent the hazard rating. 

What are the benefits of Chemwatch Heat Mapping software?

Our proprietary Heat Mapping software has changed the game for chemical safety and hazard management, eliminating the need to manually track and record your chemicals—the Chemwatch software does that for you. 

Now you can see all your onsite chemical storage locations, including entire floors, rooms, or storage areas within rooms, and the hazard ratings of each of the chemicals at a glance. 

Aside from its intrinsic value to companies, this tool is also invaluable to emergency services such as fire departments that can use the hazard ratings to prepare more efficiently and effectively to manage any chemical hazard accidents that may occur. 

For companies with multiple sites, our Heat Mapping software is the perfect tool to have in your toolbox. This technology can be used to compare, monitor, and assess building, room, and site hazard ratings. This will ensure that any sites in need of special management strategies can be given extra attention. 

For more information about the application and use of Heat Mapping, take a look at this video.

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