No more risky business! Minimise your risk with our Risk Assessment module


Use our quick and easy Risk Assessment module to determine the risks involved in any task and take steps to minimise it.

What is risk assessment? 

A risk assessment provides a guide to any risks associated with a given task and offers suggestions on how to mitigate that risk. 

When you’re using a hazardous substance in different ways, the risk involved is determined by your exposure to the hazard, rather than the substance itself. For example, there is very little risk associated with applying super glue to materials such as wood or ceramics, whereas using it on edible substances or dentures increases your exposure to the hazardous glue, which dramatically increases the risk involved. 

The Chemwatch Risk Assessment module helps to ensure that the hazards in your workplace don’t turn into risks.

How does the Chemwatch Risk Assessment module work?

It’s quick and easy. In fact, you can complete the Chemwatch Risk Assessment in just 30 seconds. 

The Risk Assessment module includes 15 pre-set tasks plus a fully customisable 16th task. You choose the task you want, e.g., cleaning your shower, or decanting a solvent, and set the parameters, including temperature, scale, and frequency of the task.

You can create a fully customised task to run through the Chemwatch Risk Assessment module.

The risk assessment tool provides a risk rating. To complete the module, you need to find and apply controls to mitigate the risk rating that appears in the risk band. Our suggested controls appear in green font and there is an option to right click and add your own control ideas. You can also review PPE suggestions and add your own. 

Once you have filled out all the pertinent information, it’s time to render the Risk Assessment. The Risk Assessment is rendered in a single, easy-to-read page. It includes GHS and Dangerous Goods information, precautionary data and PPE details. You have the option to add any relevant details to the approvals link at the top of the page. After that, you’re ready to view, print, download, or email your Risk Assessment to all stakeholders and any other interested parties. 

The Risk Assessment module has two modes, namely “ILO COSHH compliant (ILO)” and “UN Dangerous Goods Code (UN)”. Once you have completed one mode of the Risk Assessment module you can complete the other. If you have multiple Risk Assessments in one mode, you can use the toggles at the top of the page to “expand all” and “unlock all”. There are also some control documents you can access, including best practice scenarios relevant to the task. 

For more information about our Risk Assessment module, click on the eLearning tab at the top of the Chemwatch application. 

Below is a short animation that sums up the Risk Assessment process. 

Summary of Risk Assessment module features

The Chemwatch Risk Assessment module is an easy and effective way to minimise your risk when dealing with hazardous chemicals. 

  • Calculate your task-based risk assessment in under 30 seconds.
  • Remove subjectivity from your risk assessments and meet current legislative requirements.
  • The module includes pre-classified information, such as control and PPE suggestions. 
  • It is available in multiple languages on both mobile app and desktop.

Have any questions? Chemwatch is here to help.

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