Be the top of your class in chemicals management with Chemwatch

Our range of our best-in-class products and services will take the guesswork out of laboratory safety, and ensure compliance on your campus.

We are a world leader in the Environmental Health and Safety space, providing state-of-the-art cloud-based software tools and professional services. As a result, we have developed an extensive range of first-rate environmental health, safety and compliance solutions.

We could write an essay on our list of solutions, but it would be too long to read, so we’ve broken it down. Below is an overview of how we can ensure that you get an A+ on your safety and compliance report card.

Customised solutions to suit your requirements

We work with you to create a custom fit for your needs. We also offer a range of ERP integration solutions and utilize API integration to ensure a streamlined system for your organization. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

World’s largest database of active SDS: >60 million SDS, across 93 countries, in 47 languages

Updated daily, and with over 3 million pure substances, and 8,500+ chemical families, Galleria Chemica is the place for chemical compliance.

Top of the class in SDS management with our AI-powered SDS updater

Streamline the process of keeping your SDS up-to-date with our state-of-the-art AIs, Webster and Nettie. Checking up to 80 million URLs annually, our web crawlers build line-by-line comparison reports between old and new SDS. Your only job is to make it accessible to the appropriate staff members.

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Advanced reporting services, including incompatibility and eco (tox) reports

Up to 60 key data points can be extracted from the updated SDS and make available to you. This information can be recorded across separate tables and can easily be used to generate a variety of documents, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Secondary Labels

Remote SDS management with our Smartsuite app

Access all your chemical inventory solutions, from any location around the world. Use the SmartSuite mobile app to view your SDS, Risk Assessments, and Emergency Response guides while in the field.

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Advanced asset management with our RFID-powered technology platform, SiSoT

Easily create complete manifests with our Scan In, Scan Out Technology (SiSoT). Use SiSoT to effortlessly run a comprehensive asset management system (including chemical registers, inventory manifests, and more) for your chemical and non-chemical assets.

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Risk assessments 

Calculate the risk in under 30 seconds! Create customizable single-page colour-codes risk assessment reports to suit your company’s chemicals and tasks.

3D Heat Mapping and hotspots

Visualise your chemical stores and hotspots with our unique heat mapping technology. View colour-coded levels of hazard, with continuously updated data, ensuring your chemical classifications and data are up-to-date.

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Advanced inventory management system

Stay up-to-date with storage, placarding and best practice requirements for chemical handling, storage and risk management.

D-Gen chemical labelling

Ensure that every container in your inventory is clearly labelled, appropriate warnings are in place, and emergency response requirements are evident on the container with our cloud-based D-Gen labelling system.

Read-across Monographs

Collated and collected from across the globe, our extensive collection of monographs has reached many thousand—and continues to grow. Accessible through the Chemwatch application, the detailed documents are an invaluable resource for any industries needing to know more.

Extensive Molecular Structures Database

Access our regulatory database with over 3.2 million CAS Numbers. Indexed with 1 million (approx) 3D structures (expressed as SMILES, MolFile, InChI, etc.), you can search for both exact and substructure searches. View visualisations of molecules in a 3D space, including being able to measure bond angles and length. Available to download and use with QSAR (Quantitative Activity Structure Relationship) techniques.   

Personalised training

We offer all of our customers personalised training, across our vast range of Chemwatch modules and products. Help is also available via a direct line to customer service, wherever you are in the world. Please visit our contact page for more information.

24/7 Emergency Response services

With our services available in over 140 languages, our global Emergency Response hotline gives you and your organisation 24/7 access to our team of experts. Services are available for manufacturers and vendors to add our hotline number to their chemical SDS and labels, or for in-house use by organisations who already subscribe to our Chemwatch services.

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