Let us do the chemicals management for you.

Our chemical supplier industry solution means we do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring you can work worry-free! Our package aims to optimise your chemicals management, and includes five of our world-class solutions:


A secure SDS distribution solution, including access to an exclusive web application housing all the new and updated SDS.  

SiSoT (including barcode and RFID inventory management)

An automated inventory management solution, that uses barcode and RFID technology to track every container as it arrives onsite, from receipt to disposal. 

24/7 Emergency Response service

Our team of experts provide global level 1 emergency response services in over 140 languages.   

SDS Authoring

Chemwatch has two SDS authoring solutions: GoSDS, which allows you to author your own SDS in 8 simple steps; and AuthorITe, a fully customisable SDS authoring package

Heat Mapping  

Our Heat Mapping software generates 3D representations of your chemical hazard hotspots, facilitating effective and efficient hazard management and accident prevention.

World’s largest database of active SDS: >70 million SDS, across 93 countries, in 47 languages

Updated daily, and with over 3 million pure substances, and 8,500+ chemical families, Galleria Chemica is the place for chemical compliance.

Top of the class in SDS management with our AI-powered SDS updater

Streamline the process of keeping your SDS up-to-date with our state-of-the-art AIs, Webster and Nettie. Checking up to 80 million URLs annually, our web crawlers build line-by-line comparison reports between old and new SDS. Your only job is to make it accessible to the appropriate staff members.

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Advanced reporting services, including incompatibility and eco (tox) reports

Up to 60 key data points can be extracted from the updated SDS and make available to you. This information can be recorded across separate tables and can easily be used to generate a variety of documents, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Secondary Labels

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