29 October 2021 Bulletin

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RDX, which stands for Research Department explosive, is an explosive nitroamine widely used in military and industrial applications. It was developed as an explosive which was more powerful than TNT, and it saw wide use in World War II. RDX, also known as cyclonite, hexogen, and T4 has the chemical formula C3H6N6O6. Its chemical name is cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine. In its pure, synthesised state RDX is a white, crystalline solid. It is often used in mixtures with other explosives and plasticizers, phlegmatisers or desensitisers. RDX is stable in storage and is considered one of the most powerful and brisant of the military high explosives. [1] RDX is a synthetic chemical, it does not occur naturally in the environment. It creates fumes when it is burned with other substances. [2]

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