Chemwatch and Cyberia Group Partnership

Chemwatch and Cyberia Group Partnership

Chemwatch has expanded their operations to South Africa, through Cyberia Group. 

Cyberia Group is the official provider of Chemwatch products and the agent for the South African region. In addition to their full range, Chemwatch will also be providing South African-specific products and services. 

These services include: 

  • GHS support based on jurisdiction, including the implementation of GHS 4. South African GHS is currently supported in the Chemwatch application. 
  • Transport Cards (GSTECSA), including the ability to generate Transport Emergency Cards, in accordance with SANS 10232-4 (Transport Standard). 


About Chemwatch
Chemwatch is a world leader in the chemicals management space. With over 30 years of experience, they specialise in chemical safety across a range of sectors, including education, healthcare, mining, governments, and manufacturing. An international company headquartered in Australia, Chemwatch has offices throughout the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions and offers clients access to over 70 million Vendor SDS and support in over 90 countries, with access to 47 languages. They also provide a range of other services, including: SDS authoring and management, chemical management, risk assessment analysis, asset management via barcode and RFID, and chemical regulatory compliance. For more information about Chemwatch products, visit
About Cyberia
As a firm, Cyberia relentlessly strives to remain the best at what they do. They solve business problems, be it in the Corporate or Public sectors. We are specialist Advisors and Turnkey implementers of unique solutions to each client partner. With neither peers, nor equals in specialising in cross-sector integration, Cyberia are specialist generalists.

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