Chemwatch for Granta MI: Easy Access to Difficult Data

Chemwatch for Granta MI: Easy Access to Difficult Data

Melbourne, Australia – 7 July, 2021: Chemwatch is supplying data from their extensive SDS collection for use in Granta MI’s Restricted Substance module. SDS ingredient information is compiled from three different regions across the globe, “rolled up”, and delivered to Granta MI clients in a format they can import directly into MI.   

Across chemicals management, the number of substance restrictions are growing exponentially, creating a major challenge in the development, tracking, and assessment of products. There is also the question of knowing whether a restricted substance has been used. Having inaccurate substance information can lead to severe and long-standing consequences, including:

  • Certification/compliance failure
  • Time to market delays
  • Product recalls
  • Brand damage 
  • Corporate risk and liability

Typically, manufacturers request information about the chemical composition of chemical products and ‘preparations’ from their supply chain. These preparations include paints, surface treatments, lubricants, and a wide variety of process chemicals. However, supplier declarations can be incomplete, ambiguous and inaccurate—in addition to being difficult to source and manage. 

SDS contain information needed for the safe handling and storage of products, including emergency procedures and ingredients relevant to the particular jurisdiction. This can be a financially and labour-intensive task for individual companies to achieve. The partnership between Ansys and Chemwatch provides an automated service that generates chemical composition information for preparations used in manufacturing.

Chemwatch will help you access the right data

Chemwatch’s global SDS database supplies Granta MI customers with targeted information from their repository of more than 70 million SDS. For over 30 years Chemwatch has built an extensive and mature data extraction process, employing a large and experienced team of data experts. The depth and extent of Chemwatch’s SDS database allows clients to have a more complete overview of product-related data, ensuring regulatory requirements and legal obligations can be met. 

“The partnership with Ansys and the integration with Granta MI is an exciting project for our joint customers. Insight into the composition of chemicals is an important part of both chemicals and materials management,” said Claude Neri, Chief Operating Officer at Chemwatch.

“This integration will kill two birds with one stone as far as chemical and materials compliance is concerned.”  

Benefits of Chemwatch for Granta MI include:

  • Easy access to 70+ million SDS on the Chemwatch system
  • Pre-extracted, quality assured data, aggregated across multiple jurisdictions
  • Automated import and regular updates of ingredients data
  • Integration with Granta MI for seamless product material management
  • Simplified reporting to regulators, e.g., REACH
  • Regulatory compliance for a very wide range of regulations across the world

“This [partnership] means that [Ansys customers] don’t need to manage complex supplier declaration processes or manually mine the limited data available in their own Safety Data Sheets. We are delighted to be partnering with Chemwatch to provide this revolutionary approach to a very difficult data problem,” said David Cebon, Chief Technologist for Materials at Ansys.

Chemwatch for Granta MI: Easy Access to Difficult Data
About Chemwatch
Chemwatch is a world leader in the chemicals management space. With over 30 years of experience, they specialise in chemical safety across a range of sectors, including education, healthcare, mining, governments, and manufacturing. An international company headquartered in Australia, Chemwatch has offices throughout the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions and offers clients access to over 70 million Vendor SDS and support in over 90 countries, with access to 47 languages. They also provide a range of other services, including: SDS authoring and management, chemical management, risk assessment analysis, asset management via barcode and RFID, and chemical regulatory compliance. For more information about Chemwatch products, visit

About Galleria Chemica
Chemwatch maintains Galleria Chemica, the world’s largest database of chemical regulations. Our Regulatory Compare Report highlights differences in regulations between versions, and notifies all our subscribers of changes to ingredients in their products. This service is included in all Chemwatch subscriptions. Contact Chemwatch to access these notifications and stay on top of the changing regulatory landscape.
If you aren’t a current Chemwatch subscriber, we currently offer pay-as-you-go access to our regulatory database. Click here for a free trial to GoGal, where you can access all regulatory data for three substances of your choice.

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