Great Britain Requires New SDS Format From 1 Jan 2023

British chemical regulation will change following the conclusion of the Brexit transition period on 31 Dec 2022.

The UK region will require two separate SDS to be compliant, in accordance with laws of post-Brexit Britain and the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

The current SDS format will remain in place for Northern Ireland (NI) only and will continue to adhere to EU REACH regulations. Meanwhile, a new format will be required for the countries of England, Scotland, and Wales, which will adhere to UK laws and Great Britain (GB) REACH regulations.

In anticipation of this change, Chemwatch has implemented compliance solutions for both the new Great Britain SDS and the existing UK (Northern Ireland) SDS, so you won’t be left behind.

For any questions or concerns regarding this change, speak to one of our experts at re*********@ch*******.net.

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