Chemeritus is an advanced solution for managing your chemicals, supply chain, and related documentation – encompassing SDS management, chemical registers and manifest, risk assessments, labelling, and more.

The application incorporates a comprehensive chemical assets management tool (SiSoT), and the included Approvals module makes managing the approval and use of your chemicals on-site a breeze. Chemeritus includes your Chemwatch Entourage, multilingual eLearning and IT support, and an interface available in 49 different languages, as well as our standard and advanced Chemicals Management modules.

Advanced Chemicals Management

Web Services API

Chemwatch offers data access web services for Chemeritus users – allowing clients to request data and import it seamlessly into a local database, rather than needing to access the Chemwatch system. This avoids unnecessary complexities for the user while also reducing double handling and redundancies by going straight to the data source.

At a basic level, this includes the ability to search for and download SDS from our collection of over 140 Million right in your ERP system. However this can be scaled to accessing regulatory lists, search results, manifests, and much more. Two-way integration is also possible, allowing your ERP system to deliver data into the Chemwatch system, such as requests for adding new materials.


The Chemwatch Approvals module allows users to build a workflow for Chemicals Management prior to the purchase or use of a chemical. Managers and other stakeholders can approve, reject, or action requests for hazardous materials purchases, storage, and use.

By default, the approvals process goes through four stages: initial request stage, manager approval, environmental approval, and finally health and safety executive approval. However this is fully customisable to your business’ needs, with options to add alternate stages, steps, alerts, and notifications to be in line with your company’s policies and procedures. The module also lets you build custom forms, incorporating documentation such as SDS, risk assessments and storage requirements.

SiSoT (Scan in Scan out Technology)

SiSoT is an extension of our Chemical Manifests solution, which can be used to track material containers being received, transferred, delivered, or disposed of. Catalogue your chemicals, perform stocktakes, and request chemicals from central stores within your organisation, with live inventory tracking for every one of your chemical containers.

SiSoT generates and assigns unique barcodes for product containers, which can be tracked in and out of your facilities, with optional approvals processes available. The processes can be tracked using RFID, barcode, or QR code scanning technology. Mobile support is also available, with the SioMobile app turning your phone into a portable RFID scanner.

Chemical Tagging

As an upgrade to your Chemicals Manifests, Chemeritus allows you to create custom tags for sorting your inventory. Items can be tagged based on physical or chemical properties, classifications, regulatory requirements – based on a database of over 8,600 regulatory lists worldwide – and more. This is yet another way to make your inventory unique to you and your business requirements.

Heat Mapping

The Chemwatch Heat Maps service allows for a geospatial view of your Chemical Inventory. This is matched to locations in your manifest and allows a visualisation of your chemical stores and hazard hotspots. View colour-coded levels of risk based on continuously updated data of chemical classifications and quantities.

With available floorplans, Chemwatch can build a 2D or 3D picture of rooms, storage areas within rooms, floors, and whole buildings to identify high risk areas. Heat Maps will update automatically as you record movement of your chemical inventory and alerts can be generated if regulation storage limits are exceeded.


Chemeritus allows for your chemicals and storage sites to be tracked live via geolocation. Easily visualise where your chemicals are being stored or transferred, and keep storage locations up to date in your manifest by dropping Geo-Tag pins for your facilities.


Chemwatch’s outboarding service offers administrators a breakdown of how users have been engaging with our system, from anywhere in the world. The data is broken down into maps, tables, and interactive visual representations that makes managing your system and users simple.

What else is included?

Chemeritus also includes all of the standard modules found in our GoldFFX Chemicals Management System.

Safety Data Sheets

The SDS application is an accessible way to manage and update SDS for your workplace chemicals in a comprehensive online library, with options for offline and hardcopy access. It allows you to set up SDS folders to suit your needs and grow with your organisation. Quickly search our Collection (of over 140 Million!) for the SDS you require, then add to your own custom library in the application. SDS in your library are regularly updated by our web crawlers and differences are shown in regular comparison reports.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are essential in chemicals management to evaluate the possible ways a hazard may present itself to cause harm. They are key in any workplace where physical, chemical, or other occupational hazards may be present.

Chemwatch one-page risk assessments are single-page, colour-coded, and easy for all workers to read and understand – and they can be generated in as little as 30 seconds! All you need is an SDS and some details of your working conditions.

Data extraction from Chemwatch’s extensive SDS database or from Vendor SDS allows almost all risk assessments to be pre-populated. Our risk assessment reports include GHS and dangerous goods classification, precautionary information, PPE and other control measures, and an optional section to add approvals information.

Chemical Manifests

A manifest is the summary of all hazardous chemicals used, stored, or handled in your workplace. Manage quantities, classification, and physical location of your chemicals inventory and remain compliant to Work Health and Safety Regulations. DG classification and packing groups are automatically taken into account for WHS chemical storage limits.

You can customise manifest quantity limits and notification thresholds to your organisational policies, and also manage your notification settings to be specific to a certain facility or team in your organisation.

Reports and Documentation

The reports generator can extract SDS data from any selected substances or complete folders to provide extensive manifest information. Reports can be generated in XML, CSV, XLSX, or customisable template formats.

The basic reporting options include: specific health or physical hazards, full ingredient lists, Dangerous Goods and hazard ratings reports, manifest volumes and locations, risk assessment report data, storage incompatibilities, and placarding information. The advanced reporting option can be customised to generate reports based on any combination of material or regulatory properties of your choosing, as well as user or system activity data points.


Chemwatch’s premier label making service, D-Gen, allows you to create a range of templates that can be used to generate labels and documents based on your choice of over 300 data points. Labels can be automatically populated with chemical information and are available in 49 languages.

D-gen includes over 50 common label templates compliant with local and global regulations, and sized for both standard layouts and specialised label printers. You can also make your own custom templates to suit your requirements – changing layouts, images and logos, batch numbers, use by dates, and more. You can also use D-Gen to generate label barcodes, with all major barcode standards supported, including 2D barcodes (QR codes and data matrix).

At Chemwatch, we provide SDS management and SDS authoring to keep your chemical management systems up to date.

Chemwatch has been a leading provider in chemical management systems for over 30 years. Specialising in chemicals safety, we're an international company headquartered in Australia, with offices throughout Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific regions. We are a large employer of science graduates and postgraduates—including chemists, toxicologists and OHS specialists. Thousands of organisations use Chemwatch services globally, including manufacturers, multinationals, hospitals, research institutes, and governments, for Chemicals Management, SDS Management and Authoring, and Regulatory Compliance.

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