A Practical Guide to Conducting a Life Cycle Assessment

Fully delivered online by Yordas, this course gives valuable knowledge and the practical tools to help you use LCA to support your sustainability disclosures.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to

  • Understand the four-stage methodology employed by LCA studies
  • Identify the most suitable type of LCA based on your product goals or organisations needs
  • Understand how to build a life cycle inventory
  • Be aware of the data requirements and limitations
  • Appreciate the key benefits and challenges of undertaking an LCA

Learn about Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

What is an LCA?

LCA is an internationally-recognised tool used to quantify environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle.

Through a systems perspective, LCA tools help businesses understand the movement of energy and matter involved in a product system. Organisations can use LCAs to evaluate their performance against a range of environmental indicators such as climate change, ozone depletion and marine toxicity.

Why is an LCA useful to me?

LCA studies have diverse applications. They can be used for strategic planning, process improvement, green procurement or to demonstrate product claims. This practical course will help you understand the LCA principles, methodology, data requirements and communication, ensuring the longevity of your product range. 

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by aligning your company and products with circular economy principles and low-carbon transition.

Topics covered in this online course

  • Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment
  • Scoping and Inventory Development
  • Waste and end of life treatment considerations for LCA Impact
  • Assessment Interpreting & communicating results
  • Integrating LCA with sustainability reporting
  • Performing an LCA: A benchmarking case study

What can you expect from this course?

  • Access to 7 Course Modules for 6 months
  • More than 3 hours of recording
  • Summary handouts provided
  • Test your learning with exercises and quizzes
  • Complete the course in approximately 4 hours
  • Receive a completion certificate
  • Complete all course content at your own pace and in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office

Course curriculum

  1. Introduction to A Practical Guide to Conducting a Life Cycle Assessment
  2. Module 1
    Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment
  3. Module 2
    Conducting an LCA: Scoping and Inventory Development
  4. Module 3
    Waste and End of Life Treatment Considerations for LCA
  5. Module 4
    Conducting an LCA: Impact Assessment
  6. Module 5
    Conducting an LCA: Interpreting and Communicating Results
  7. Module 6
    Integrating LCA with sustainability reporting
  8. Module 7
    Performing an LCA: A benchmarking case study


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