A Practical Guide to the SCIP Database

Learn how to meet your SCIP requirements and create your SCIP-compatible dataset

Do you produce, import or supply a product that is placed on the EU market and contains SVHCs?

From January 2021, all companies placing products on the EU market must notify those containing SVHCs to the SCIP database.
The idea behind SCIP is that to successfully develop a circular economy and enable recycling, hazardous chemicals must be removed from materials. The data requirements for the SCIP database are more extensive and complex than those of REACH Article 33 and require substantial amounts of information from the supply chain, which presents a huge challenge for industry.

Topics covered in this online course

  • What are the SCIP requirements and who is affected
  • SCIP data structure and content
  • Detailed assessment of data requirements Options to simplify your SCIP notification
  • How to create a SCIP-compatible dataset
  • IT tools: IUCLID and S2S API
  • Examples from the automotive, advanced manufacturing and retail sectors
  • Advantages and challenges of common information exchange formats

What can you expect from this course?

  • 8 Course Modules
  • Instant access to 2 hours of course recordings
  • Useful summary handouts & additional resources
  • Test your learning with practical exercises
  • Complete the course in approximately 3.5 hours
  • Completion certificate

Course curriculum


  1. Welcome to the course
  2. Module 1 – Your obligations
  3. Module 2 – SCIP data requirements
  4. Module 3 – Data structure in SCIP
  5. Module 4 – Common data challenges
  6. Module 5 – Ways to simplify your SCIP notification
  7. Module 6 – IT tools
  8. Module 7 – Creating a SCIP-compatible dataset
  9. Module 8 – Successful SCIP submission and beyond
    Performing an LCA: A benchmarking case study

At the end of this course, participants will be able to

  • Understand the requirements of SCIP
  • Identify your data gaps
  • Be aware of the data challenges and potential solutions
  • Identify a data collection strategy for your company


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