Introduction to European and Great Britain Biocidal Product Regulation

Learn about Biocidal Product Regulations

This course provides an introduction to the core principles and main features of current biocidal legislation in the EU, as well as an overview of GB-BPR. During this course, you will learn how your product is affected by the BPR and what you need to do to be compliant if you have a biocidal product or a treated article. The trainer will cover the terminology used, timelines and the potential costs, enabling you to make the right decisions for your business. This course will introduce you to the options available for getting your biocidal product authorised. We will cover the types of product authorisation, including costs and data requirements, to give you the information you need to decide how to move forward for your company.

Topics covered in this online course

  • Core Principles of EU Biocides Regulation
  • Active Substance Approval
  • BPR Transitional Period
  • Article 95: Approved Supplier List
  • Treated Articles
  • Borderline Products
  • Product Authorisation
  • Prepare a Dossier under the BPR

What can you expect from this course?

  • 6 course modules
  • Instant access to 2.5 hours of course recordings
  • Useful summary handouts and practical exercises
  • Test your learning
  • Complete the course in approximately 4 hours
  • Completion certificate

Course curriculum

  1. Introduction to European and Great Britain Biocidal Product Regulations
  2. BPR Course Manual
  3. Module 1 – Introduction to EU BPR
  4. Module 2 – Active Substance Approval
  5. Module 3 – BPR Transitional Period
  6. Module 4 – BPR Article 95
  7. Module 5 – Treated Articles
  8. Module 6 – Brexit and UK BPR
  9. Module 7 – Borderline Products
  10. Module 8 – Product Authorisation Routes
  11. Module 9 – Product Families
  12. Module 10 – Data Requirement for Product Authorisation

At the end of this course, participants will be able to

  • Understand the difference between biocidal products and treated articles
  • Understand the principles and features of EU BPR and GB BPR
  • Learn about the different types of biocidal product authorisations
  • Identify data requirements for a product authorisation dossier
  • Learn about IT tools required to prepare a product authorisation submission


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