Galleria Chemica

Galleria Chemica

Galleria Chemica is Chemwatch’s proprietary database of everything chemical. It is a one-stop-shop for chemical knowledge, with data on regulations, physical properties, environmental and toxicological endpoints. It covers over 3,215,992 chemicals and hazardous substances, over 4.5M unique CAS numbers and incorporates more than 8,200 regulatory lists from 123+ countries.

Why our data is best

Galleria is one of the most comprehensive chemical databases on the market, and has been informed by over 30 years of chemical expertise. It is updated daily so you can be sure you will always have the most up-to-date information. Chemwatch is ISO 9001 certified and continuously improving to meet the data requirements of our clients. This includes many Fortune 500 corporations who impose stringent QC checks for purchased data.

Who is Galleria for

Galleria is useful for anyone wanting a single place to find chemical-related data, including importers, exporters, formulators, authors of SDS, and more.

What do we provide

Identification information

including synonyms, CAS no., EC no., and custom codes.

Physical information

2D molecular images and 3D molfiles, as well as physical constants used to compute fate and ecotoxicity.

Regulatory information

including all notifications to the Classification and Labeling (C&L) inventory, all ECHA dossier data, Occupational Exposure Limits, National Inventories and global transport codes.

Environmental and toxicological information

including animal toxicity endpoints, environmental toxicity endpoints and environmental fate data. Global warming potentials and other sustainability parameters such carbon footprint data, Global warming potentials and Ozone Depleting Substances. Various protocols and conventions such as Montreal, Basal, Kyiv, Aarhus, Stockholm, Rotterdam, UNECE, UNEP, OSPAR, Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) as well as specific jurisdictional lists with respect to environmental protection.

How does it work

Galleria is valuable both as a search engine and as a tool to create your own documents, in conjunction with other Chemwatch systems. In addition to the extensive home search page, Legs & Regs allows you to search through legislation and regulations, which can be sorted by region. Classify allows you to assess risk and safety data of chemicals or mixtures in a specified concentration.

Technical details

Users have the option to incorporate the data with their own ERP, via a web service Application Programming Interface. Data generated is compatible with many applications and internal Chemwatch systems for SDS authoring, risk assessments, labeling, and more. Data can be accessed on the keys, such as CAS numbers, DG class and subclass, and/or UN/NA numbers. The more information keys like above are available, the more accurate the results will be. The service is implemented as a RESTful API with JSON request and response formats.

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