Gold FFX

GoldFFX encompasses everything you need to manage your chemicals inventory!

Equipped with tools for SDS management, and with access to Chemical Registers and Manifests, Risk Assessments, comprehensive reports, and compliant labelling, GoldFFX is your complete chemicals management solution.

The package includes your Chemwatch Entourage, multilingual eLearning and IT support, and an interface available in over 40 languages, as well as our Chemicals Management modules.

What's included?

Safety Data Sheets

The SDS application is an accessible way to manage and update SDS for your workplace chemicals in a comprehensive online library, with options for offline and hardcopy access. It allows you to set up SDS folders to suit your needs and grow with your organisation. Quickly search our Collection (of over 140 Million!) for the SDS you require, then add to your own custom library in the application. SDS in your library are regularly updated by our web crawlers and differences are shown in regular comparison reports.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are essential in chemicals management to evaluate the possible ways a hazard may present itself to cause harm. They are key in any workplace where physical, chemical, or other occupational hazards may be present.

Chemwatch one-page risk assessments are single-page, colour-coded, and easy for all workers to read and understand – and they can be generated in as little as 30 seconds! All you need is an SDS and some details of your working conditions.

Data extraction from Chemwatch’s extensive SDS database or from Vendor SDS allows almost all risk assessments to be pre-populated. Our risk assessment reports include GHS and dangerous goods classification, precautionary information, PPE and other control measures, and an optional section to add approvals information.

Chemical Manifests

A manifest is the summary of all hazardous chemicals used, stored, or handled in your workplace. Manage quantities, classification, and physical location of your chemicals inventory and remain compliant to Work Health and Safety Regulations. DG classification and packing groups are automatically taken into account for WHS chemical storage limits.

You can customise manifest quantity limits and notification thresholds to your organisational policies, and also manage your notification settings to be specific to a certain facility or team in your organisation.

Reports and Documentation

The reports generator can extract SDS data from any selected substances or complete folders to provide extensive manifest information. Reports can be generated in XML, CSV, XLSX, or customisable template formats.

The basic reporting options include: specific health or physical hazards, full ingredient lists, Dangerous Goods and hazard ratings reports, manifest volumes and locations, risk assessment report data, storage incompatibilities, and placarding information. The advanced reporting option can be customised to generate reports based on any combination of material or regulatory properties of your choosing, as well as user or system activity data points.


Chemwatch’s premier label making service, D-Gen, allows you to create a range of templates that can be used to generate labels and documents based on your choice of over 300 data points. Labels can be automatically populated with chemical information and are available in 48 languages.

D-gen includes over 50 common label templates compliant with local and global regulations, and sized for both standard layouts and specialised label printers. You can also make your own custom templates to suit your requirements – changing layouts, images and logos, batch numbers, use by dates, and more. You can also use D-Gen to generate label barcodes, with all major barcode standards supported, including 2D barcodes (QR codes and data matrix).

At Chemwatch, we provide SDS management and SDS authoring to keep your chemical management systems up to date.

Chemwatch has been a leading provider in chemical management systems for over 30 years. Specialising in chemicals safety, we're an international company headquartered in Australia, with offices throughout Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific regions. We are a large employer of science graduates and postgraduates—including chemists, toxicologists and OHS specialists. Thousands of organisations use Chemwatch services globally, including manufacturers, multinationals, hospitals, research institutes, and governments, for Chemicals Management, SDS Management and Authoring, and Regulatory Compliance.

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