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Sick of spending time and money on something that can be simple and cost effective? Fully GHS Compliant in 47 languages.
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What is GoSDS?

GoSDS is your quick and easy way to author Safety Data Sheets (SDS/ MSDS). The pay-as-you-go online expert authoring system allows you to create your own SDS in 5 simple steps.

Created by professional SDS authors and GHS regulatory experts, the platform is GHS compliant and gives you access to the most up-to-date regulations.

GoSDS contains 200,000+ fully classified chemicals that are accessible during the authoring process.

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The world's foremost SDS authoring package

Top Features

Fully GHS compliant in 47 languages for all Jurisdictions

Supported by over 200,000 fully classified substances

Each SDS linked to world's largest database of Chemicals Regulation

NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. This trial is completely obligation free. We are so confident in our services and technology that we know once you try it, chances are you will want to work with us more and more!

Watch a quick tutorial on how to create your SDS in minutes

Is GoSDS the right product for you?

GoSDS is for the client who wants to author a single GHS compliant SDS, with a few clicks of your mouse. For example, you’re a small business owner that has been using hand sanitiser or sanitising wipes during the COVID-19 period. You don’t usually need SDS, and you’ve never authored one; this product is perfect for you. You can create a one-off GHS compliant SDS for your hand sanitiser or sanitising wipes, and be fully compliant with the country that suits you. For example, Reach (Europe), WHS (Australia), or OSHA (USA).

We have also created a video with step-by-step instructions detailing how to use GoSDS. Once you have logged in to the application, you will be able to watch the video. Have a play around with the system, and if you have any questions, our live chat is there to assist you.