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The worlds' largest database of Chemicals Regulation. If it's not in Galleria, it's NOT regulated!

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  • Updated chemical information on regulations, health, environment, and more
  • Over 3,215,992 CAS numbers from 14,500+ chemical families
  • More than 8,200 regulatory lists from 123 countries
  • Official GHS classifications for substances
  • Transport information (UN, IATA, IMDG, RID/ ADR/ DOT, ADG7 etc.)
  • Toxicological & ecotoxicological end points
  • Occupational exposure limits from over 50 countries and states
  • Identification (CAS, EINECS, EU Index Number, PMN, CI, FEMA, INS, TSCA etc.)

Chemical regulatory solutions that support both local and global requirements

Chemwatch products and services are used globally by more than 5,000 organisations
50 +
Languages supported
8,200 +
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90 +
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How often is your database updated?

Our team of OHS and regulatory experts review our database daily. Our high priority and top client priority lists are updated within 15 days of regulatory release and all other lists are updated within one month of release.

How do you know that you are getting all the applicable information for your chemical?

We have a team of chemists who categorise all the lists, and add new chemicals (even those without CAS numbers), into chemical groups so that all substances are covered.

How is GoGAL applicable to you?

Regardless of your industry, if you work with chemicals, then GoGAL is right for you! Whether your organisation conducts laboratory tests, or manufactures, stores, distributes, imports and exports hazardous materials, GoGAL is the next logical step in managing your chemicals.
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