Brain cancer metastatic

The spread of a neoplasm from a primary site to the brain. The most common primary tumors metastatic to brain include lung cancer(adenosquamous and small cell especially), breast cancer, melanoma, renal cancer and colon cancer. Metastases are frequently found at the grey/white junction. They are usually well demarcated from the brain parenchyma. The majority of metastases (greater than 75%) are found supratentorially with the minority (less than 10%) found in the brainstem. The patients present with signs and symptoms referable to either increased intracranial pressure or focal pathology. A contrast enhanced MRI will give the best view of suspected metastatic cancers. Therapy for the metastatic cancer is based upon the therapy that would be or has been given to the primary cancer. In any event corticosteroids can be useful for reduction of patients’ symptoms. (Kaye, Laws Brain Tumors Churchill Livingstone 1995)