Kink Test Pressure

A pressure equal to at least 1.5 times the service test pressure.

The kink test pressure, also known as the hydrostatic pressure kink test, is a type of pressure test used to assess the integrity and strength of plastic pipes, such as those used in plumbing, irrigation, or gas distribution systems. The test involves applying pressure to the pipe and observing its response to a kink or deformation in the pipe caused by the pressure.

During the kink test, the plastic pipe is filled with water and pressurized to a specific level according to industry standards or project specifications. The pipe is then deformed, typically by creating a kink in the pipe, to determine whether it can withstand the pressure without rupturing or leaking. The kink is typically created by bending the pipe at a specific angle or by applying a physical force to the pipe.

The pressure is held for a specific period of time while the pipe is kinked, and the pipe is visually inspected for any signs of deformation, leakage, or failure. If the pipe remains intact and does not leak or show signs of failure, it passes the kink test and is considered to be suitable for its intended application. If the pipe fails the kink test, it may need to be replaced or repaired before it can be used.

The kink test pressure is an important safety measure in the installation and use of plastic pipes. It helps to ensure that the pipes can withstand the expected levels of pressure and do not pose a risk of failure or rupture, which could result in leaks, property damage, or personal injury.