LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)

Powerful hallucinogenic drug that is derived from a fungus found growing on rye and other wild grasses. LSD is actually a white powder, but is sold on the streets in liquid form, or soaked into paper sheets. Only small amounts of the drug are needed to get an effect, so it can also be absorbed into sugar cubes and then swallowed. The effects of LSD, known as a trip, are dependant on the individual, how much is taken, how the user feels and the situation they are in. Trips usually begin about half an hour after taking the drug, peak up to six hours later and then eventually fade after about twelve hours. No trip is ever the same. Because it is an hallucinogenic drug it changes the way the mind perceives things, so sense of movement can be impaired and time may seem to speed up or slow down. Colours, sounds and surroundings may become distorted, and flashbacks, or feelings of the mind being separated from the body are also commonplace.