Reticular nuclei of pons

[TA] groups of cells located in the pontine tegmentum that are not clearly separate from one other, but that do have in some instances distinct connections. These nuclei are: caudal pontine reticular nucleus [TA] (nucleus reticularis pontis caudalis [TA]), oral pontine reticular nucleus [TA] (nucleus reticularis pontis oralis [TA]), paralemniscal nucleus [TA] (nucleus paralemniscalis [TA]), and the paramedian reticular nucleus [TA] (nucleus reticularis paramedianus [TA]). The reticulotegmental nucleus [TA] (nucleus reticularis tegmenti pontis [TA]) is located in the ventromedial portion of the pontine tegmentum and is correctly considered a part of the reticular complex of the pons; it is sometimes also associated with the dorsal extent of the basilar pontine nuclei. SYN: nuclei reticulares pontis [TA].